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ANSWERS: Submarine Mystery Questions - 12-10-2010

For background on reported Japanese submarine sightings see original posting. - The late (d-1986) science fiction author "L. Ron" Hubbard (LRH) developed a self-help system published in 1950, called Dianetics, elements of which he incorporated into doctrines and rituals of the Church of Scientology.
On 19 July 1941, Hubbard had been commissioned an Ensign, USN. On 21 April 1943, the date of her commissioning, Hubbard took command of the submarine chaser PC-815, a fast vessel intended for anti-submarine warfare. On June 28, 1943, off the coat of the Coronado Islands, Hubbard ordered his crew to fire the ship's 3"/50 caliber dual purpose cannon. At the time the 3" cannon was fired, the Coronado Islands, in Mexico's territorial waters, were both inhabited and in PC-815's line of fire.
Ironically, PC-815 would later be sunk in thick fog in a collision with USS Laffey, 11 September 1945, off San Diego coast. The Laffey rescued all but one of PC-815’s crew before returning to port.
1) - Subject individual (LRH) aspired to the U.S. Naval academy. Was he a USNA graduate? ANS: No; after intensive prepping by his mother in order to qualify for admittance to the Naval Academy, LRH failed math. He graduated from a Virginia prep school in June 1930, but due to nearsightedness was determined unqualified for the Naval Academy.
2) - Where did he (LRH) meet CDR J.C. Thompson? ANS: On Guam; Between 1927 and 1929, Hubbard traveled twice to his father's U.S. Navy post on Guam. While there, young Hubbard was befriended by CDR Joseph "Snake" Thompson (1874–1943), who was stationed there with the Naval Medical Corps.
3) - Did he (LRH) die destitute or leave an estate of almost $600 million? ANS: On January 24, 1986, Hubbard died from a stroke at his ranch in Creston, California, at age 74, leaving an estate valued at about $600 million.
Submarines are always silent and strange.



At 13 December, 2010 19:59, Blogger Tom Goering said...

I had the answers a couple of days ago, but the comments were off! Tom Cruise would have been proud... :)

At 14 December, 2010 15:12, Blogger Vigilis said...

Could L Ron have been more of a Gene Roddenberry (Army Air Corps veteran and Star Trek creator), Tom? Perhaps.

He chose instead to live in more of a Twilight Zone, however.Hoping Cruise will not begin to write SF as well.


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