Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Prostate Medical Study - Digit Size Apparently Matters; Submariner Digital Reaction

Every few months M.E. happens upon medical news with implications for the submarine service. Most recently, we covered Venous Risk (in pear-shaped females) and Submarine Service for you.
What's the latest medical news? British Journal of Cancer , (30 November 2010) Hand pattern indicates prostate cancer risk [emphasis added].

Conclusion: Pattern of finger lengths may be a simple marker of prostate cancer risk, with length of 2D greater than 4D suggestive of lower risk.

Men whose index and ring fingers were the same length -- about 19 percent of those studied -- had a similar prostate cancer risk, but men whose index fingers were longer than their ring finger were 33 percent less likely to have prostate cancer.
Other scientific studies of people's finger measurements (2D:4D ratios) produced conclusions of more relevance.
Lesbians' finger lengths were, on average, more like men's. ... [W]e did not find a difference between gay and straight men in ring-to-index-finger ratios, but we did find a more masculine ratio in men who had more than one older brother when compared to men who had no older brothers...(Breedlove) - source
What do digit ratios have to do with submariners? Illustrated in the panels below are digit ratios of some typical submariners past and present.
Submarines are always silent and strange.