Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Getting to the bottom of it ...

Havens in Pakistan loom as biggest hurdle in Afghanistan
"Pakistani sanctuaries are crucial: If you can't solve that problem, you can't win," said a senior military official who is participating in some of the review discussions and discussed the issue on the condition of anonymity. source
"Equally deserving of blame, U.S. diplomat responsible for Kandahar, Bill Harris contends, are American diplomats and reconstruction officials in Kabul, "who have spent billions of dollars but generated precious little capacity." [ibid]
Although the CIA has conducted scores of drone missile strikes against targets in Pakistan with the tacit approval of the Pakistani military, those operations have been confined to the country's federally administered tribal areas that abut eastern Afghanistan. The Pakistani government has not been willing to allow any strikes in Baluchistan, the province directly across the border from Kandahar. Many senior Taliban leaders are believed to be living in and around Baluchistan's capital, Quetta. - Rajiv Chandrasekaran, December 14, 2010 [ibid]

The Julian Assange WikiLeaks Fraud
[Julian Assange]...is playing petty games with the U.S. And his claims of creating ‘open governments’ is an illusion. If he really wanted to promote free speech he wouldn’t have targeted the U.S. But would have targeted truly closed governments. ...It must be pretty difficult to get your hands on documents from closed governments like China, Iran and Russia.
...[If] Julian Assange was truly on a mission to open closed governments, he would have started with closed governments and continued to hack and upload their documents. You can visit the WikiLeaks website. - Leila Jones, Prime Writer Network, Hope Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, bank expose isn’t insider trading- FBI already on it, December 1st, 2010
Submarines are always silent and strange.



At 16 December, 2010 09:59, Blogger Cookie..... said...

O/T, Vigilis, did you get my E-mail regarding the Chinese FBM sub?

At 16 December, 2010 15:57, Blogger Vigilis said...

Your message was just relayed by my partner. Whatever the answer, the event was no threat to the U.S., in my opinion.

We can be sure it was not a launch by an unfriendly submarine; had it been, certain assets would have been scrambled immediately. Yet,
they were never scrambled at all.

The explanation I find most convincing at this point in time
involves the secret launch of a foreign-made missile from an obscure Navy facility on San Nicolas Island here.

The facility apparently launches foreign missiles as targets for the U.S. Missile Defense Agency's experimental aircraft-mounted laser (linked in same article).

At 17 December, 2010 08:59, Blogger Cookie..... said...

Thanks mate. I was unaware of the Naval facility. Having been a pilot on and off over the years I KNOW that what was video taped was definately NOT an aircraft contrail as given to the public. I appreciate your thoughts and input amigo.

My concern was a complete failure of our coastal/continental defense system!


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