Thursday, February 17, 2011

Interesting Contrasts in Animal Control

The contrast presented below is not intended to suggest the superiority of either approach to animal control in two situations that occurred within hours of one another. The examples illustrate how neither effort of a former pet custodian resulted in a desired outcome.
Method One (Very Practical) - Iguana Found in Reykjavík Church

“Someone has taken advantage of the church being open and gotten rid of it this way,” Rev. Breen told Fréttabladid. “The weather was poor and the owner probably didn’t want to abandon it outside.”

The iguana was taken to Keldur, the University of Iceland’s Institute for Experimental Pathology, where it will meet its destiny.

Method Two (Very Compassionate) - Nearly mailed puppy goes to adoption

[The small dog] Guess was saved from a trip through the mail to Georgia that officials say likely would have killed it when postal workers opened the package.
A puppy that escaped a possibly deadly trip through the mail won the hearts of admirers worldwide. It will be available for adoption this week.
Submarines are always silent and strange.



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