Friday, April 08, 2011

Annals of Torment

Latest Update ----- Suspect Seaman Ryan Donovan (photo & story)
Latest Update ----- Photo of guy who subdued gunman as he fired again
Latest Update(s) ------after conflict in control room; LCDR died Latest Update(s) --------Suspect fired six rounds, witness noted -------- One could barely imagine the state of morale and humiliation that must have dogged the crew of the British sub HMS Asute since resumption of extended sea trials. Nor did being called 'HMS Calamity' by the UK's Daily Mail last December help her officers maintain the crew of 98's necessary esprit de corps. Now, two of her officers, one dead, have been shot by a Royal Navy able seaman standing guard duty with an SA80 service rifle while the sub is docked at Southampton. The errant seaman had never served in Afghanistan as a few earlier PTSD reports had speculated.

Brittain's Defense Secretary, Dr. Liam Fox, said, "I am greatly saddened to hear of this tragic incident and of the death of a Royal Navy serviceman. ... My thoughts and sympathies are with those who have been affected and their families."
Past and present submariners certainly convey Dr. Fox's sentiments and realize a bit more personally how this latest tragedy inevitably impacts HMS Asute's remaining crew. Courage, brothers, and thank you for your service. .......................................................................................... Submarines are always silent and strange.



At 08 April, 2011 18:59, Blogger Cookie..... said...

I've been following this story since it broke earlier today but as yet they haven't made public what triggered the incident. I guesss there where quite a few dignitaries on board when it happened, and some children were on the pier waiting to board. Have you heard anymore regarding what prompted this tragedy?

This sub has been plaqued with problems from the beginning. A bad luck "Jonas" ship fer sure.

I echo your sentiments regarding the morale and service of her crew.

At 08 April, 2011 21:36, Blogger Vigilis said...

Cookie, I have added the latest updates above. Various outlets promise 'full stories' tomorrow, and that is 6 hours ahead of EST, 5 DST.)

My link provides a photo of the young suspect, and briefly describes his irritation with double-duty sea tours (due to lack of manpower). The manpower shortage in UK subs had been mentioned last year as the impetus for recruiting women. The homicide should shake things up, but as we know that will not solve the problem of screening unsuitable psychological profiles.

One really obnoxious guy I had met made it to sub school. Within 3 days, after his psych evals, he was long gone. Not sure that is done so much these days.

At 09 April, 2011 01:10, Blogger Tom Goering said...

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved. God bless the crew.

Tom & Bonnie Goering


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