Monday, September 12, 2011

Submarine Mystery Questions of the Week: 9/11/2011

Background for this week's questions derive from the near sinking event of HMAS Farncomb this August 23, 2011. More here: Submarine Laundry Aired Publicly - Mildew Evident.

An earlier RAN submarine safety document, however, claims that the Australian program is unique among the rest of the world's submarine safety programs, and recognised as the premiere submarine safety organisation of its type due to the composition of its SUBSAFE Board.


1- The RAN SUBSAFE document notes that most submarine mishaps are caused by some form of human error. What estimated range (percentages) of human-error caused mishaps is given?

2- RAN SUBSAFE mentions loss of USS THRESHER in 1963, as bringing submarine safety into focus in a tragic way. Five additional submarine mishaps are cited by submarine name. Three of the 6 relate to U.S. subs. What are the names and hull numbers of the other 2 U.S. subs?

3- What are the nationalities and names of the 3 non-U.S. subs cited?

4- The document credits which U.S. service (branch and specialty) with improving its Operational Risk Management (ORM) safety record from worst to best among the four U.S. military services 'in three short years'?

ANSWERS: (Comments off) Will be posted Friday 16 SEP.

Submarines are always silent and strange.