Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Answers for Sub Questions of the Week - 2/11/2012

Background for these week's questions was provided when originally posted here.

ANSWERS and Questions:

1) What are some reasons other than superior depth performance for submarine officers to wear Rolex Submariners? ANS: Rolex watches are regarded as status symbols since Rolex became the first watchmaker to earn chronometer certification for a wristwatch, and the first watchmaker with an automatically changing date on the dial.

2) Though not yet qualified submariners, a few females are members of a few submarine wardrooms. Rolex manufactures watches for ladies. Is there a Rolex Ladies Submariner watch at this time? ANS: No, there is no Ladies Submariner watch, nor are plans for one.

3) According to Rolex, "The Oyster Perpetual Rolex Deepsea is the ultimate reference chosen by professional divers in oceans around the world." A custom version of this model is now available from a specialty company. What is the name of the specialty company? ANS: Bamford Watch Department.

4) The specialty outfit per 3) above has updated Rolex's original in all-black (shown below), with an adjustable nylon strap and branded face. What is the price of this customized Rolex watch? ANS: $175,000 HKD (about $22,500).

5) What other feature sets the customized Rolex apart? ANS: Note the 'Jolly Roger' emblem on the watch back (photo below).

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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