Monday, March 05, 2012

ANSWERS to Overdue Submarine Mystery Questions - 29 FEB 2012

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1. A serious theory connected with the loss of one of the selected subs (above) was also suggested in a popular submarine film. Which of the three subs was this, and what similarity was also depicted in The Hunt for Red October. ANS: It was HMS Affray (P421) which sank 16 April 1951, with the loss of 75 lives. The similarity was suspicion of involvement of a steward (cook). According to this report, A steward had been seconded to the submarine service after he was discovered to have committed an act of sabotage on his previous ship.

2. Why would inclusion of the theory referred to in Question 1 by board of inquiry imply a thorough and candid investigation? ANS: Because the steward theory is so implausible it would imply that no avenue of causation had been ignored.

3. Name the sailor whose singular presence on board the sub not only supports the theory, but certainly raises even more unanswered questions. ANS: The name of the stward was Ray Vincent.

4. Why could the H.L. Hunley, by the way, not be included appropriately with the three selected submarines above? ANS: The selected subs had all been reported missing after failing to send expected communications. The H.L. Hunley, on the contrary, reportedly sent the expected blue signal light before failing to return, but that signal appears controversial.

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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