Friday, March 09, 2012

In Tribute to Neptunus Lex

Neptunus Lex became a daily read for M.E. once I discovered, to my delight, that the Lex did not denote a law degree. By way of disclosure, some of my favorite daily reads are blogs (i.e. EagleSpeak) by respected individuals who did earn law degrees.

I shall miss reading the several daily postings of Captain Carroll LeFon, a retired Navy pilot who died when his Israeli-built Kfir fighter crashed at Naval Air Station Fallon in Nevada. I never knew his real name, but I knew enough about Neptunus Lex to respect its author immensely.

His expertise in naval aviation, prolific posts and superb command of the language were certainly enough for correct guesses that this humble O-6 was an USNA graduate, Top Gun grad and an exemplary U.S. military patriot. Lex's energy was so bountiful, however, that I hardly guessed until he put it into actual words that he had ever retired from the Navy.

I tend to miss those of such rare stature when they depart. For his readers, there can be no doubt that he walked the walk and died making an ongoing contribution to naval aviation. Except for the fact that Lex also seemed a dedicated family man, we could guess that his post-retirement flying career was the way he might have wished to end his days.

Tributes to Lex would be lacking without the enormity of this mention:

I mourn the passing of a great naval aviator, a professional analyst of all things naval, and a soulful and compelling writer of poetry and prose. - Ray Mabus, SecNav

Nor would Lex have wanted the above to have passed without his own balance respecting another O-6 Top Gun aviator:

Strength and Honors - August 25th, 2011

Star Chamber - August 10th, 2011
Final decisions will be made by the secretary of the Navy.

Nice Idea, But… - May 25th, 2011

Honors Violations - March 5th, 2011

Have we ever seen such consummate balance and sense of fairness?

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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