Sunday, March 11, 2012

Where are these submarines taking U.S.?

Background (Allison on HMS Victorius)

Then, pointing at my handbag, he says: “Ma’am, I’m afraid I need you to give me your perfume please. And your deodorant. And your mobile phone. Thank you.”

Bag emptied, he glances at my shoulder-length locks and adds: “And your hair really needs to be tied back.”

It sounds like a robbery at sea. In fact I’ve just ­become the first ­woman to receive orders aboard a ­nuclear ­submarine.

Sailors cannot use aerosols ­because they release chemicals that cannot be removed by its air-­conditioning unit. Lashings of perfume and aerosol deodorants would contaminate the atmosphere, which is constantly monitored.

My phone is locked away because if there was a gas leak, a spark from a mobile could light it.

My hairstyle comes under ­scrutiny when I learn how to put on a huge rubber oxygen mask and plug it into the sub’s ­emergency air supply.

More Background (Australia: More Women to Serve in Navy Submarines)

Minister for Defence Science and Personnel Warren Snowdon said women had been serving onboard Australian Navy submarines since 1998 but, until now, females had to sleep in female-only six-berth cabins.

“A lack of dedicated bunk space on board has occasionally led to female submariners missing out on postings because of bunk limitations, which has, in turn, denied the submarine force qualified specialists. These limitations have also meant that only two of our three operational submarines have been able to accommodate females," Mr Snowdon said.
The U.S. must eventually follow suit (no separate berthing facilities for women). The political party pushing this agenda in the U.S. is also pushing same sex restrooms for its civilian population. Had not heard that yet? Maybe its wake up time, for you, then.

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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