Thursday, May 24, 2012

Submarine Controversy

Islam's Park51 Islamic cultural center near 9-11's footprint and women crew assigned to submarines near men's confined living space have much in common. Leaders of both movements declared constitutional rights in the face of heated opposition.

1. unlimited political support
2. limited public opposition
3. somewhat suspect goals: (Park51- promote inter-community peace, tolerance and understanding in NYC, nationally, and globally; and Women crew - seemless [without reducing male volunteerism] integration of their gender to provide equal opportunity for women and solve alleged sub recruitment shortfalls)

To help assure accountability for actual results that become demoralizing symbols of radicalization rather than produce stated goals there may also be somewhat similar solutions.

New Yorkers and national media can help accomplish the stated goals of Park51 by referring to it as Islamagood. Islam would forever be defamed if Islamagood became associated with anything short of peace and tolerance for other religions. Condemnation of America, harboring terrorists or condemning Judaism, for instance would disprove the goals.

What about women submariners, you say? No preferences for promotion of women submariners over men or suppression of failure to embark - medical data statistics should be tolerated by admirals regardless of civilian pressure from the WH or DoD.

What are the chances?

Submarines are always silent and strange.



At 26 May, 2012 01:41, Blogger The Motivation Group said...

I remember in the 1980s a proposal for an all-woman submarine crew, but that never happened.
I don't see it working well for military issues, it's more of a social experiment with very few unknown variables!
Such is life in the new age!
It's a trap guys! Run for cover, no matter what really happens, there will be lots of sexual harassment stories generated!


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