Thursday, May 10, 2012

Submarine Question of the Week - 5-10-2012

Perhaps the most common reason for diverting books from Texas prisoners is sex, portrayed in images and words, although prison officials have struggled to define what's permissible. Inmates could receive magazines like Playboy and Penthouse until 2004, when they were banned, said Jennifer Smith, Program Specialist, Texas Department of Criminal Justice prison agency's Mail System Coordinators Panel.

...The February 2009 Esquire was rejected for a line drawing of a woman in bed, a single naked breast visible over her sheet. [ibid.]

Navy submarines, formerly one of the U.S. military's last bastions of all-males in confined spaces are crewed by brave soul who defend America's liberties, and certainly choice of reading material has not been restricted (well, not much). The fact that women officers have recently been assigned to a few submarines should not alter the rights of mature men one wit.

Only Question of the Week
Seen any copies of the latest Time Magazine on surfaces in submarine wardrooms where women serve yet?

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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