Thursday, August 29, 2013

Answers: Sub Questions of the Week 22 AUG 2013

1 Regarding the submarine section shown above:
a) - What do submariners commonly call the section shown?  Answer: Sail or fairwater.
b) - Besides the numberous access plates and inspection ports, what larger item is obviously missing?  Answer: The diving planes.

2 a) - What is/was the nationality of the sub?  Answer: United States Submarine.
   b) - If not for new construction, is the section on the flatbed truck for repair, replacement or another purpose (be specific)?  AnswerParts of nuclear submarine on display in Ohio  (Cold War Memorial).

3 - If the sub was christened, what name was it given?  Answer: USS Cincinnati (SSN-693).  correct answer by (Old Gary  provided this correct answer here).

4 - What high-level civilian is uniquely associated with this sub?   Answer: Former President Richard M. Nixon (in November 1980 with Admiral Hyman Rickover for an overnight familiarization and orientation cruise.)

Submarine Background Notes 
USS Cincinnati (SSN-693) was the only submarine in the Navy with a red engine.

**  USS Cincinnati caught in tug-of-war

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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