Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Russia's Discipline Problem: "Crazy Ivan" is now "Sloppy Ivan"



Russia embarrassed...
The  nuclear-powered missile submarine (Delta-IV-class).  The fire broke out on Thursday at an Arctic shipyard where the submarine Ykaterinburg (K-84) was in dry dock. Seven members of the submarine crew were taken to hospital after inhaling carbon monoxide fumes.  30 December 2011

US  embarrassed ...
The fire broke out 23 May 2012 on submarine USS Miami -How long before truthful answers are exposed to sunshine and fresh air? The only answer that we could hardly expect to be revealed during our lifetimes is the one involving a foreign agent.

"The fire, the Navy said, started when hot welding slag in a vacuum cleaner [NOT] caught fire when the implement was placed among some cleaning supplies and left unattended." - NavyTimes


(Reuters) 16 SEP 2013 - A  fire burned for five hours on an atomic-powered submarine undergoing repairs, but naval and shipyard officials said there was no risk of a radiation leak and nobody was hurt [NOT]. The submarine Tomsk,  powered by two nuclear reactors, caught fire at the Zvezda shipyard. It had been undergoing repairs since 2010. The fire was the second on board a Russian nuclear-powered submarine in less than two years.

(Bellona) 16 SEP 2013 - The Unified Shipbuilding Corporation website said in a statement (in Russian) that the fire broke out in a ballast area of the submarine after a gas-powered saw was used to cut through a grate, setting an old rubber covering, cables and paint on fire.

 (RFE)  17 SEP 2013 - Russian investigators now say 15 sailors were hospitalized after a fire on a nuclear submarine in the Far East and that the submarine suffered damage as well.   

Accidental events or espionage, you decide.

Submarines are always silent and strange.


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