Monday, September 23, 2013

Submarine Questions of the Week : 22 Sept 2013


An obviously obsolete, online version of "Chief of Naval Operations" Submarine Warfare Division's Submarine Frequently Asked Questions states , as of this writing, (10. Can women go on submarines?):  Women are not currently assigned to submarine crews because of the very limited habitability and privacy onboard a submarine.
We all know that is wrong, and expect other updates are overdue as well.

Consider for instance (22. What does the crew do during its free time?): The ships carry about 400 movies, which are exchanged for newer ones in each port. Card games and various board games, such as a Backgammon or Cribbage, are also popular. There are also some athletic equipment on board, such as an exercise bike, versa climber, rowing machines, and free weights.

Submarine Questions of the Week

1.  What entertainment activities may become popular on subs with women on board?

2.  Is the Navy waiting for new popular entertainment activities to materialize before updating its online version of Submarine Frequently Asked Questions?

3.  A former submariner has set the U.S. record for movie viewership in his peer group.
a)  What was his peer group?
a)  Who is he?
b)  How many movies did he log?
c)  Over what duration did he establish his U.S. record for movie viewership?

4.  A former submariner maintains a popular and outstanding blog for and about the sub community; on several occasions he reviewed some of the movies he had watched.
a) Who is the blogger?
b) What is the name of his blof for and about the sub community? 

ANSWERS1. and 2. ad hoc (only when either occurs or has been reported)
.....................3. and 4. Saturday,  28 SEP 2013

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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