Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Unusual Space Perspectives: SEAL and Army/Navy Brass

A Perspective from Space

It’s a former SEAL Team3 Platoon Commander's second time in space — in 2009 he flew on space shuttle EndeavourWho? - NASA Astronaut Christopher Cassidy  USNA (1993). BUD/S Class 192.

CDR Cassidy appears in an interview video aboard the International Space Station giving an unexpectedly frank admission, at least for a highly decorated (Bronze Star with "V" and Presidential Unit Citation) Navy SEAL.  You can hear his personal moment of hesitation at 6:29 - 7:06 minutes. The full 8-minute interview is found here.

The Perspective for Less Space

Excerpts [bold emphasis mine] ...
The Navy said flag officer end strength is being reduced using a “phased approach” and will be complete by 2017, resulting in 151 Navy-specific billets and 61 flag officers to fill joint billets.

The Pentagon endured a $37 billion cut in its budget this year because of sequestration, and faces a $52 billion reduction next year if elected officials don’t find a way to stop the automatic budget cuts required by federal law. 

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, said the headquarters cuts would proceed even if sequestration is avoided.

A few positions will be eliminated, including commander of Submarine Group 2 in Groton, Conn.
Considering the already limited space in subs and the rapid push to elevate female submariners through the ranks, elimination of the Groton position may be problematic.

Proportional cuts are not planned however for the 5 U.S. military academies, their liberal professors, or future enrollments. Pathetic ...
..they are preparing to furlough civilian employees, reduce training, delay construction and even scale back pomp and ceremony.  ...
 Francis DeMaro of West Point's public affairs office also pointed to 'travel restrictions, a hiring freeze, reduction of family and community programs, and an impending furlough' of more than 2,000 civilian employees. - Reuters

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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