Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Answers to Submarine QOTW 25 JAN 2014

Background information and photos presented when the Questions of the Week (Q.O.T.W.) answered below were originally posted may be found here:  25 JAN 2014.


 1.  The Cross Hall Galley has a slogan printed on a wall; what is that slogan?  ANS: "Through these lines pass the best fed sailors in the Navy."
2.  According to a Culinary Specialist First Class there, from where are all its cooks drawn?  ANS:  Culinary Specialist First Class Jose Rosarivas, a New London native, said, "All our guys come from submarines, where they're used to cooking for an entire crew.
3.  About celebrity chef Robert Irvine:

  • a)  how long was his navy service?  ANS: about ten tears.
  • b)  in which navy did did Irvine serve?  ANS:  Brittain's Royal Navy
  • c)  what navy career had he wanted and why did the navy make him a cook?  ANS:  A cook. (see answer to 4(c) below.
4.  About the article's accompanying video ( the Norwich Bulletin reposts articles like this one daily so not only do such links expire daily the video may be removed at any time).  As of 12:34 PM 27 JAN the video is still found here.
  • a)  what made Chef Irvine uncomfortable?  ANS:  He was the only one eating (in the galley) on film.
  • b)  for what did Chef Irvine apologize?  ANS: Use of the word 'retarded'.  He never apologized for using the F-word twice.
  • c)  what did Chef Irvine say that unintentionally slights navy cooks? ANS: "I was a dummy, because in England you take maths and english tests to join the navy, 5 being the lowest 1 being the highest...  I got 5, 5  ...the recruiter said, you're in the navy, but you can only be a cook."
  • d)  your best guess as to who the lady in low-cut blouse and oversized gold dolphin cap is ? ANS: His wife, Gail Kim. (see 2008 photo below)
  5.    In what year was Groton's naval facility first saved from government closure? ANS: The Navy Yard was spared permanent closure in 1912 by an impassioned plea from local Congressman Edwin W. Higgins of Norwich, who was worried about the loss of Federal spending in the region.

 Submarines are always silent and strange.

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