Saturday, January 25, 2014

Submarine Questions of the Week: 25 JAN 2014 NOT 2013


This week's questions focus on a recent episode at Naval Submarine Base New London. Fortunately, the amateurish video seems to have received scant public or culinary attention beyond Sub Base and the Norwich Bulletin's several online articles. Consequently, the accompanying video seems to have generated little lasting harm.  This is fortunate because the impromptu video includes at least 4 obviously 'politically incorrect' statements by Chef Irvine.   
GROTON - Celebrity chef Robert Irvine, the Food Network star who gained fame for his ability to cook and serve large amounts of food quickly, spent some time today with another group of culinary experts who're used to preparing meals in high-pressure situations: Naval cooks.
Irvine, star of "Restaurant: Impossible," toured the Cross Hall Galley, the Naval Submarine Base's main cafeteria, a military kitchen that serves 2,000 meals a day to hungry sailors. source

 Questions of the Week:

1.  The Cross Hall Galley has a slogan printed on a wall; what is that slogan?
2.  According to a Culinary Specialist First Class there, from where are all its cooks drawn?  
3.  About celebrity chef Robert Irvine:
  • a)  how long was his navy service?
  • b)  in which navy did did Irvine serve?  
  • c)  what navy career had he wanted and why did the navy make him a cook?  
4.  About the article's accompanying video ( the Norwich Bulletin reposts articles like this one daily so not only do such links expire daily the video may be removed at any time).  As of 12:34 PM 27 JAN the video was still found here.
  • a)  what made Chef Irvine uncomfortable?
  • b)  for what did Chef Irvine apologize?
  • c)  what did Chef Irvine say that unintentionally slights navy cooks?
  • d)  your best guess as to who the lady in low-cut blouse and oversized gold dolphin cap is (photo below)?

5.  In what year was Groton's naval facility first saved from government closure?

Answers:  by Tuesday, 28 JAN 2013.

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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