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Background information and photos presented when Q.O.T.W. were originally posted are found here:  11 FEB 2014.

ANSWERS  (from video Uss Nautilus Operation Sunshine):

1.  The arctic passage of USS Nautilus (SSN-571), an historic first, was cloaked in mission secrecy.
Nautilus first left Seattle for a falsely announced destination of "the equator", but that first arctic attempt was aborted. Prior to her second attempt, Nautilus's navigator posed as a non-submariner (out of uniform) aboard an anti-submarine aircraft. What did he falsely tell the ASW aircraft's crew his purpose would be?  ANS: A Distant Early Warning Line (Dew Line) Inspector.   

2. Who said, "Some day, they will know about his true mission." ANS: The video's narrator, Vic Perrin.

3. Had Nautilus painted out the numerals 571 for the classified mission Operation Sunshine II?  ANS: Judging by the documentary film: NO.

4. Nautilus was extolled as capable of cruising 20,000 leagues on one charge of its nuclear fuel.  What is the equivalent of 20,000 leagues in nautical miles?  ANS: 60,000 nm.

5. If Nautilus's tabletop jukebox made the arctic voyage, who was the jukebox's manufacturer?   ANS: Seeburg

6. What Navy medal was awarded to Nautilus and all hands for the first time during a time of peace? ANS: The "Presidential Unit Citation".

7.  What unusual (for the day) type of navigation equipment had been carried aboard Nautilus, which had been constructed with a teakwood topside deck like the WW2 vintage subs had?  ANS: A shipboard Inertial Navigation unit, the N6A-1 navigation system was used in the arctic voyage. Nautilus ETs Robert Rockefeller and Barry Lerich assisted (perhaps the Navy's first SINS techs).

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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