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Liberal Success in Quest to Subvert the Best


Women now comprise about 14 percent of the nation's 1.4 million active military personnel.  US President John F Kennedy announced the creation of a Navy special operations force in 1961. The Navy has a 75 percent dropout rate at the 21-week Coronado training course known as Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S.).
"Under the schedules military leaders delivered to [Defense Secretary Chuck] Hagel, the Army will develop standards by July 2015 to allow women to train and potentially serve as Rangers, and qualified women could begin training as Navy SEALs by March 2016 if senior leaders agree. Military leaders have suggested bringing senior women from the officer and enlisted ranks into special forces units first to ensure that younger, lower-ranking women have a support system to help them get through the transition."  source


“I would say with a lot of training a handful of women could do that,” Rowe said. Still, if she was interested in the military, “that’s where I’d want to go.”   Brittany Rowe, 27,
San Diego lifeguard
– First, the standards in place are combat-proven standards – there can be no slackening of standards. The run times and pull-up minimums are the same for all. On the 100-yard buddy-carry sprint–I carry you and your combat load and you carry me; it doesn’t matter if I’m a 150-pound SEAL (which I was) or a 220-pound SEAL, as many are today. Your life and mine depend on my ability to get you out of a kill zone and safely to cover. There can be no compromise.
    – Second, those women who can meet this standard have to do so in more than ones or twos. It is unreasonable to open training to 200 women to find two who can meet standard.
    – Third, and finally, there is the cultural issue. Do we as a nation, and an American culture, want our mothers, sisters, and daughters in the business of sustained, direct, mortal, combat?   - Dick Couch, former SEAL and a leading authority on U.S. military special-operations training. 

Coincidence or Scripted?

The US Navy Seal who went from Chris to Kristin
Chris Beck spent 20 years as an elite US Navy Seal, often operating in secret behind enemy lines.  After retiring from the US Navy as a highly decorated serviceman Chris Beck wrote "I am now taking off all my disguises and letting the world know my true identity as a woman." Chris had become Kristin Beck.

YouTube: Transgender Navy SEAL Chris Beck U.S. War Hero becomes Kristin Beck, Rated R

 Submarines are always silent and strange.

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