Friday, January 23, 2015

Islam's Human Phantom


It has often been said that the Islamic faith is lacking in an uptated testament that is tolerant of the religious freedom and inalienable rights of others rather than tolerant of their own lying and harsh treatment of others due to an intolerant, one-way (their way) religion.  Islam appears stuck in 7th century Sharia-type mandates.

Throughout Islam's history mankind has had to deal with radical sociopaths claiming to be devout Muslims and Muslim clerics claiming to be peaceful,  and no doubt some may be peaceful, yet too many who now reside in civilized nations seem little more than antisocial parasites.
Recent Example:

Muslim Claims: Lies, No Shows, or Meaningless Phantoms?

Below, guest cartoonist, Juan Caruso, takes the above expression one step further. Juan insists that repeating a lie often enough does not make it so.  Likewise, failure to back up what you claim to believe is bad citizenship in freedom-loving nations whether one is a Muslim or not. 
Finally, "peaceful Muslims" of legend must soon be considered insidious to our Constitution unless they take an Immigrants oath of allegiance to our U.S. Constitution that supercedes their Sharia law. Otherwise, they will end up demanding, initially, their own autonomous regions in the U.S. (perhaps in massive land areas President Obama has recently nationalized).

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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