Monday, January 12, 2015

Submarine Questions of the Week: Innuendos

While our steady position on women submariners may seem disloyal to the Pentagon establishment at first glance, we have always held our country, our Navy, its submarine service, and all the best things they stand for in a very high regard. Molten Eagle therefore remains steadfast in disagreement with placing women on submarines, a move that bowed to the purely political pressures of DACOWITS during the administration of one of the weakest CinCs this country may ever have had.  We fear the mistake will lead eventually to serious submariner retention and recruiting woes that could become a travesty for the world's premier submarine service.  

BACKGROUND (and selected photo review)

1950:  Male sailor and 2 WAVES on board USS Uhlman (DD-687) 

2010  Feb 22:  Pentagon ends ban on women on subs

2010  June 16:  Miss Virginia aboard USS Virginia (SSN-774)
(note a "Beauty" queen no less)

2011:  First women crew reported to subs in late 2011
2014 November 14 Incident report:  First women to serve on US Navy submarine were secretly recorded in the shower

2015 January 1 (as of): U.S. Navy allows female recruits to keep their hair long


Submarine Questions of the Week

1 - The Navy's "pilot program" for longer womens hair is due to end in March 2015;  will it?

2 - Motivation for liberalizing womens hair regulation is to conform to the other military services and to aid recruiting of women into the navy.  Does the change also represent a modernization of outmoded regulations?

3. Some very good looking women can be found at land-based naval air stations (and presumably on spacious aircraft carriers).  Do attractive single women generally wish to serve on arduous, cramped submarines?

4. If single women submariners find it difficult to form durable dating relationships with marriagable men left on land for months at a time,  are promiscuous simgle women better suited for submarine duty?

5. Is it a fair for male submariners to have to endure promiscuous females, prolonged celibacy, and to abandon the typical male locker room references and tension-relieving sexual innuendos that females in the close quarters of a sub's crew will complain are harassment?

6. Take another look at the first (1950) photo above.  Has human nature as reagrds womens behavior around men changed?

ANSWERS: Tuesday, 13 January 2014

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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