Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Back Door Remodeling (the female touch perhaps)

Background  (circa 1983)

The Seawolf class of fast attack submarines (SSN) was intended to replace the retiring Los Angeles class boats. Originally intended to be a fleet of 29 submarines, Seawolf  appropriations were soon reduced to twelve boats, and finally only 3 submarines. Consequently, acquisition of the smaller Virginia class was planned over a slower and more economic time span.  Nominal cost differentials between Seawolfs and Virginia boats has been more than 1$billion per vessel.

Recent Developments
  • January 21, 2015  - U.S. Navy: Enlisted Females to Serve on Subs Starting in 2016 
  • March 16, 2015  - Navy Wants 28 More Tomahawks on Virginia-Class Submarines
Speaking to lawmakers during Congressional Navy budget hearings, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus and Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert have both indicated that deliberations about possibly accelerating VPM production were currently underway.
Navy engineers have been working on requirements and early designs for a new, 70-foot module ... to house an additional 28 Tomahawk missiles. While designed primarily to hold Tomahawks,  ...
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M.E.  Comment:  There are serious reasons for adding a VPM compartment.  Shipyards, like homebuilders, however can work within their budgets to accomodate buyers' wishes regarding interim change orders (as tradeoffs).  It should be somewhat interesting to note which Blocks of Virginia class subs are eventually assigned most of the "enlisted females". 

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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