Monday, December 07, 2015

Nuclear Sub Officer's Quote of the Month


"The underlying problem is what kind of a woman whose biological clock is ticking really wants to volunteer for submarine duty? " - 9/13/2012 comment by Vigilis @ The Stupid Shall Be Punished

Fast Forward 3 Years

"Sources: Few women choose to stay in submarine force"  (NavyTimes, December 6, 2015)

Quote of the Month 

 [color emphasis M.E.]

"The idea of going back to a fast-attack is exciting, but the other piece of that is just it’s a really demanding job," she said. "So when you want to prioritize your family, you really have to decide if you’re willing to go back to that demanding lifestyle."  -  Lt. Jennifer Carroll, 28 (one of the first women to earn her dolphins in 2012, and now assigned to the Submarine Force integration office in Norfolk)


We must wish the best of luck to Lt. Jennifer Carroll.  She could have all the more Navy pressure placed upon her to stay in subs. However, since the Navy allowed her NavyTimes interview, we suspects her favorable decision to remain in the program had already been made.  Standby for the eventual update: SECNAV Mabus will have to publicize Lt. Carroll's retention in hopes of influencing more women to stay in the dubious "ticking" program.

While assignment of women to subs must still be considered new, the Navy now has over 30 years of experience assigning woman to surface vessels.  Today's retention rate for nuclear-trained women in surface warfare stands at a mere 14 %. Although the biological clock syndrome is across the board, one must remember that submarine duty is quite a bit more demanding due to its limited crew size and the added duties to be accomplished.

How foolish and costly will such political defiance of human nature finally become?  No one yet knows. What is known, however, is this:

1 - Who discounts the powerful, natural influence of women's biological clocks? Answer: politicians of a certain party that considers men and women wholly equal and interchangeable despite centuries of evidence to the contrary?

2 - Who pressured NAVY admirals [admiral is a highly political rank] to assign women to submarine duty? Answer: The current Washington administration, including SECNAV Mabus. 

3 - Who pressured qualified women to volunteer for submarine assignments? Answer: Those admirals, of course, and their obedient underlings.

4 - Who tries to ignore centuries of biological evidence? Answer:  A few would-be authors, feminists, iconoclasts, and certainly a goodly number of patriots. 

Submarines are always silent and strange. 


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