Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sub Questions of the Week: 28 JAN 2016


When a vessel's center of mass rises much above its center of bouyancy the ship is prone to "keel over" or capsize and may even sink (founder).  Photo of a recently distressed surface vessel:

Sub Questions of the Week

1  -  Why are modern, military-quality submarines not prone to capsizing?

2  -  Is it even possible for modern, militray-quality subs to capsize?

the following questions relate to above photo  
3  -  If the vessel shown has not washed up upon a beach, approximately where is it?

4  -  Has the crew been rescued?

5  -  From where did it sail, and to where was it sailing?

6 -  How large (tonnage) is the vessel, and with what cargos is it said to be laden?

7 -  Where is the pilot house located?

8 -  Has this vessel sunk or has it been towed?

ANSWERS:  Monday, 1 FEB 2016

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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