Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Tribute to Submariners - 2016

A Bit of Background

"I was on submarine duty in the Pacific in the year 1943. We were in the area off the cost of the Philippines. I remember having a complete turkey dinner on Thanksgiving. While the turkeys were cooking, the submarine took a dive. We went down too steeply and the turkeys fell out of the oven onto the deck. The cook picked them up and put them back into the oven -- and we ate them, regardless of what may have gotten on them as a result of their fall. That meal was so good!"  - Stanley Collins, US Navy, World War II, Pilgrim Hall Museum, Voices from Front [pdf]

 Submarines are always silent and strange. 


At 26 November, 2016 09:05, Blogger Life's Beautiful Path said...

Now, I have a better idea what my husband was taking about aboard submarines during holidays. Early Merry Christmas.


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