Sunday, December 18, 2016

Post Cold War Submarine QOTW - 18 DEC 2016

Submarine Questions of the Week

Part I

1 - Which is the most appropriate explanation for the symbol (inset) displayed on the foremost centerline, at eye-level of the sub's sail (above)?

----(a) The sub was the first of its class (specify its class).
----(b) The sub received its nation's excellence award the month before (specify award date).
----(c) The sub's commanding officer was the fleet's commodore (specify the commodore).
----(d) The sub's commanding officer was the fleet commodore's son (specify the C.O.).
----(e) The sub was credited with decommissioning a U.S. submarine (specify the U.S. sub).  

2 - Identify the submarine above (class, unit ID number, & name).

3 - Identify the submarine below  (class, unit ID number, & name).

Part II

4 - Which is the most appropriate description for the object being hoisted to/from the sub's sail (photo directly above)?

----(a)  Object was a high-yield ballistic missile warhead (specify mega tons).
----(b)  Object was a low-yield warhead (specify kilo tons).
----(c)  Object was a high-yield rocket warhead (specify type of high explosive).
----(d)  Object was a satellite (specify type: spy, gps, communications, other.).
----(e)  Object was an escape capsule for sub's crew (specify crew size).  

5 - What year is considered the final year of the Cold War?

ANSWERS: Wednesday, 21 DEC 16.

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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