Wednesday, December 21, 2016

ANSWERS: Post Cold War Sub QOTW [18 DEC 2016]

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Our Post Cold War Submarine Questions & Answers

1 - Which is the most appropriate explanation for the symbol (inset) displayed on the foremost centerline, at eye-level of the sub's sail (above)?  ANS: (e) Russian sailors painted the "kill marking" on their sail  commemorating the ostensible “defeat” of the USS Baton Rouge since the latter was not returned to service due to damage in the 1992 collision. [Instead, the Baton Rouge was belatedly placed in restrictive "reserve" status and by January 1995, with costly nuclear refueling and repairs rejected, SSN-689 became the first LA-class sub decommissioned after a mere 17½ years in commission.] 

2 - Identify the submarine above (class, unit ID number, & name).  ANS: The SIERRA I class (Project 945), B-276, ‘Kostroma’ (formerly K-276 Crab until 1992).

3 - Identify the submarine below  (class, unit ID number, & name).  ANS: Same as # 2.

4 - Which is the most appropriate description for the object being hoisted to/from the sub's sail (photo directly above)?  ANS: (e) The object is an escape pod for a few crew. Note that the nominal crew complement was 59 men of whom only a few could fit in such a small escape capsule. Successor SIERRA-II boats had a longer sail with two escape pods. Note the sail damage from the collision between the subs (bottom photo above).

5 - What year is considered the final year of the Cold War? ANS: December 1991, coincident with the
Soviet Union's collapse. 

Submarines are always silent and strange. 

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