Monday, September 11, 2017

Most Hideous Crime Aboard a Submarine


M.E. has covered many crimes involving U.S. submarine crewmen. This one still remains the most suspicious, in our opinion.  The earliest we ever told readers about was this from 1923.  Genuine violence aboard U.S. submarines has been almost nonexistant apart from rare suicides.  As to criminal violence on board Western submarines, one finds the Royal Navy has encountered an unfortunate share in recent years.  

The introduction of female crew members to subs a few years ago gave one author a rationale for his related serial killer novel. The Killing Depths.  Now, the perversions of fiction have been outdone by a real life civilian.  The story, so far, is too gruesome and incomplete to be repeated by us, so you are on your own with the chronology links.  Aren't we glad U.S. submarine volunteers still undergo psychological screening, or do they?  

You will be soon!  An early quote from the Danish suspect appears below this photo ...

"'There is a curse on Nautilus,' he wrote, according to his website. 'The curse is me. There will never be peace on Nautilus as long as I exist.'”  - Peter Madsen in 2015;, "Inside slain journalist’s fateful submarine ride", August 26, 2017
Some key events in  Sunken submarine owner held by Copenhagen police on suspicion of murdering Swedish journalist Danish submarine owner arrested over missing journalist

Submarines are always silent and strange.


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