Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Christine M. Blasey Ford: Lethal Peril

Twice Considered Already

Voters (regardless of their party preferences) have little idea about the depth of depravity twice considered by desperate  DNC's leadership: Taking the life of  Dr. Ford to muster immediate sympathy for the icon of abused women before November's midterm elections. Must be very tempting to one multibillionaire noted for bags under his eyes.

1. The first instance was apparent when DNC lawyers had Dr. Ford claim (obviously falsely) that she was afraid of flying.

Had Dr. Ford agreed to drive, be chauffered, be bused, or carried by passenger train across the U.S. to her recent U.S. Senate Hearing, she would obviously have been at risk of serious or even fatal injury at the hands of deranged (hardly conservative psychopaths) such as  (June 14, 2017 - Congressman Steve Scalise Gravely Wounded in Alexandria Baseball Field Ambush, or Jan 31, 2018 Train carrying GOP members of Congress hits garbage truck, one dead.

2. The second instance is, well, right now!  Is Dr. Ford worth more dead than alive to desperate Dem leaders (e.g. Soros)?  

The power of a bipartisan sympathy vote Dr. Ford could eclipse the facts and circumstances of Judge Kavanaugh's obvious innocence.  Could the Dems produce another Stephen Paddock patsy just-in-time (before the mid-terms)?

Considering the recently-demonstrated, extremely lawless  depths of depravity by Democrat lawyers it would be a convenient headline to regain undeserved power.  I would really hate to be in Dr. Ford's shoes right now, or in those of the poor pawn selected to harm her for political gain.

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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