Monday, July 01, 2019


The current "debates"[sic] are strategically designed to assure every possible Democrat votes enthusiastically this November.


Only a black woman will be the chosen (by underhanded electoral college manipulation, if necessary) as the leftist Dems (Democratich) candidate for President. This outcome uniquely assures Democratichs can utilize their perennial charges of racism and misogynis  in attempts to neutralize verifiably dismal shortcomings of Trump's opponent. 

Michelle Obama's candidacy also gives the Dem's major guarantees:

1 - Resurrection of Obama's already familiar anti-American agenda; and
2 - What many feminist voters always hope for in every election, a female candidate about as attractive as themselves. 

Trump, his top advisors, and his faithful voters expect the worst. Trump's faithful supporters know he will have a very effective plan to win regardless of which empty pants-suit/suit ultimately opposes him.  At stake in our next election the very future of the world;s envy: America's middle class.

As Americans realize the proposed Democratich planks will gradually and forever deny citizens their choices, especially those taken for granted, such as model and color of vehicles, favorite foods, entertainment, lifestyle, educational pursuits, some middle class Dem's will have to think twice.
In their proposed plan with government paying off student loans, for instance, the government would soon dictate who gets which education (career choices).  We already know that "medicare for all" will eventually mean higher taxes, longer lines and bed quotas for hospitals. 

Capitalism boils down simply to:

Choices Among People In Their Allocations of Leisure to Idleness, Self-improvement, and Materialism.

No other country provides as much choice as Americans are accustomed to have with capitalism. Trump only has to criticize terrible, half-disclosed ideas, not dumb-ass politicians trying to sell them to us.

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