Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Remember Cindy Sheehan? Then Never Forget Herb Shugart!

More on Cindy Sheehan, with a hat tip to Noble Eagle:

If this story is so important that it must be covered continuously, then please tell me where was the wall-to-wall coverage of Herb Shugart. Shugart is the father of SFC Randy Shugart, one of two soldiers posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for heroism in Somalia in 1993. Herb Shugart refused to shake President Clinton's hand at the award ceremony and told Clinton that he was unfit to be commander-in-chief. Had it been President Bush that he had criticized, Herb Shugart would be on the cable news channels 24/7.

Strange, isn't it, how the public forgets the facts MSM does not wish remembered?


At 26 August, 2005 17:33, Blogger Skippy-san said...

"If you want to see tragic American history unfold be fore your reading eyes in one heartbreaking chapter after another about evil civilian leadership, I suggest you read Robert Strange MacNamara's rotten book, as I'm doing. Never again, will a war criminal like MacNamara soil our nation's honor. "

Interesting quote, especially in light of having Rumsfeld in DOD.....

I was never a big fan of Dornan my self. Did they not call him B-1 Bob?

At 28 August, 2005 02:13, Blogger Vigilis said...

Sorry, Skippy-san, I cannot see things McNamara's way in the slightest. Nothing, absolutely nothing concerning Viet Nam is pertinent to the current, global war against terrorism. We were attacked on U.S. soil.

Some of the folks in the WTC were
more than my acquaintances. The former dictator of Iraq had been generously offered a way to prevent coalition invasion of his country. Rather than use the time to come clean on WMD, he planned the current counterinsurgency.

At 28 August, 2005 06:04, Blogger Vigilis said...

Jennifer, one reason the Cindy thing seems staged is her change of mind months after having met with Bush. Although we have seen no news that Herb Shugart changed his loathsome opinion of Clinton, we safely assume our MSM would have quickly reported that little item as news.


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