Thursday, August 11, 2005

Russian Admiral Baltin's Priz and Kursk Comments Recall Cold War Intrigue

Admiral Baltin has consistently criticized Russia's naval command for inviting Western assistance. He has appeared more concerned for compromised security than compromised crew. The ex-admiral believes the Priz was trapped while inspecting an underwater system to detect if Americans had planted bugs on it. Baltin, himself a submariner, once commanded the Kursk. Before his retirement Baltin commanded Russia's Black Sea Fleet and became a Hero of the Soviet Union.

from Amanda Butler
...the Kommersant daily, citing its sources in the navy, reported that propellers of the submarine have special mechanisms protecting them from net fouling incidents. Moreover, the newspaper named specifically the kind of research the submarine was conducting: they were to replace a part of a hydro acoustical apparatus installed with the aim of fighting nuclear submarines from the United States.

Flashback (August 22, 2000):
TASS - Admiral insists on Kursk's collision with foreign sub. - By Sergei Ostanin - MOSCOW, August 22 - Some signs of damage of the Kursk N-submarine point to its collision with a foreign submarine when it was about to surface at a small depth, Hero of the Soviet Union, Admiral Eduard Baltin, told reporters...

As Molten Eagle stated earlier, we have already heard the official stories from several sides. It cannot change much now.


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