Wednesday, August 03, 2005

America's Nuclear Jihad 2009

Thought Experiment

A ‘peace candidate’ has been swept into office with a different majority party in Congress to bring our valiant troops home from Iraq and undo George Bush’s other ‘mistakes’. Wasting no time, $26 billion is re-appropriated from the DOD to the DOJ to investigate and try 13,200 enemy combatants now in detention with all due dispatch and “handle” related lawsuits brought against America. The guiltier the detainee, the higher the hourly fee authorized by the court. Fees of $450 an hour are being paid, and it’s still early. Court appointed attorneys seem to come mostly from firms that donated fabulously to Trial Lawyers lobbies. The maximum individual tax rate was restored to the pre-Reagan level of 70%. The federal income tax rate for average taxpayers was raised to 48%. Corporate tax rates were increased to 60%.

Six months later, the new president informed the world that in retaliation for any great loss of life in the U.S.A. a nuclear option would be on the table. After some debate, the definition of “great loss of lives” became the 125,000 or higher, level. Non-fatal injuries were not even discussed, but word on the street was individuals would be able to sue someone for damages above expenses covered by their National Health cards. Doctors’ income had already been capped. Complaints over declining quality of healthcare could be heard with growing frequency.

For the next 30 months, America seemed at peace, although business owners were gradually moving to South America and wealthy lawyers were retiring early and moving to Europe. Unemployment, which had been rising, was offset by government service jobs paying lower wages, but great benefits.

On November 20, 2011, it happened. Three medium sized cities were devastated. No one claimed responsibility. The human toll was over 110,000 dead with at least 205,000 injured. Seven days later, without warning, Kabul, Somalia and Eritrea each received one, 15-kiloton, nuclear, USAF missile.

The world was outraged at the U.S. “retaliations”. Where was any evidence of guilt? America’s citizens were unprepared and very demoralized. Islamic candidates for federal, state and local political offices emerged in January 2012. Unlike traditional candidates, they seemed confident and very positive about their promises of peace. The public voted with great optimism, electing 33% of them, including a well-known, former Senator who said he had conscientiously converted to Islam. That was enough for a quiet coup. One by one, Islamic flags were raised throughout the land.

Your city has just come under Islamic control. Speedy conversion to Islam is being pressed. There is no tolerance for infidels. Much Sharia-type of corporal and even of capital punishments have already begun. Your children are having a tough time adjusting. There is some organized resistance by self-armed militias hiding in the mountains. Homeland defense had been dismantled and the under funded military fell to a very poor state of readiness. Already suffering from inadequate recruiting, training, fuel, and munitions, the armed services have been reduced to cores extremely loyal to the Commander-in Chief.

Initially, patriots had joined armed resistance groups. Their families were quickly and mercilessly slaughtered, however. The Hijrah year is now 1433 (corresponding to 2012-13).

What, if anything, do you wish had been done differently?


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I had a nightmare some time ago that incorporated some elements of the post.


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