Thursday, July 28, 2005

"Struggle" Choice: SECRETs Between The Lines

No one without clearance for Bush's Daily Intelligence Briefing seems to understand to a credible degree a sudden shift from WAR on global terrorism to the trial balloon STRUGGLE Against Violent Extremism. Whatever is driving the change is elemental and deadly serious. The president's detractors know he is much too savvy to blunder without purpose, but for consistency’s sake say it is a sign of his stupidity, anyway. Bush's supporters, who know how deliberate and calculating his strokes have been, seem universally puzzled and fear the president has succumbed to politically motivated back stepping. Neither explanation is at all logical.

Hint#1- The problem with the term GWOT is that it automatically invokes the Bush doctrine of unilateral preemptive strike. Nice if you have to use it, but bad when it looks like you should and you really should not.

Hint#2- According to Michael Ledeen in yesterday's Coalition of Evil "The centrality of Iran in the terror network is the dirty secret that most everyone knows, but will not pronounce."Our military people in both Iraq and Afghanistan have copious evidence of the Iranian role in the terror war against us and our allies. Every now and then Rumsfeld makes a passing reference to it. But we have known about Iranian assassination teams in Afghanistan ever since the fall of the Taliban, and we know that Iranians continue to fund, arm, and guide the forces of such terrorists as Gulbadin Hekmatyar. We know that Zarqawi operated out of Tehran for several years..

Hint #3- (quoting Ledeen, again): we are fighting a sucker’s war in Iraq, because the terrorists get a great deal of their support from the Syrians, Saudis, and Iranians...

Molten Eagle's Synthesis: Among the Syrians, Saudis, and Iranians there is probably none less culpable of supporting Islamo terrorists than the others. Unless WMDs are unleashed against a coalition country or its forces, another preemptive strike to overturn a regime (rather than take out some resources) is not in the cards. The public GWOT strategy had to be publicly changed. The non-public GSAVE Struggle strategy has not changed at all, except that by now much damning data against the Axis of Syraudiiran has been collated. In each of those countries, people with clean hands will manage to purge those with soiled hands of their own volition. How is this possible? Using one of the oldest techniques devised by civilized man -diplomacy. How will you know when this has started? Look more closely, it already has.


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