Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Sub Patrols: Unfinished "Business" With Terrorist Haven, Somalia

AP - RODRIQUE NGOWI reports New al-Qaida Cell Settles in Somalia - A ruthless cell linked to al-Qaida is established in Somalia's capital, according to a report released Monday that dovetails with other analyses showing the lawless country could become a haven for international terrorists. The Mogadishu cell leader, a Somali militant, had been trained in Afghanistan.

In March, United Nations experts monitoring the arms embargo on Somalia reported Islamic hard-liners, including a group tied to al-Qaida, was importing high explosives, mines, rifle-fired grenades, anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons. U.N. monitors said they had pictures and information that about 17 mobile military training camps established by the Islamic Somali group, Al-Ittihad al-Islami, which wants to impose Islamic law on Somali society.

No wonder a U.S. submarine has been patrolling nearby waters.


At 23 July, 2005 14:18, Blogger Alex Nunez said...

I forget...how many tomahawks does a Los Angeles-class carry?

Sounds like some training camps may be going "Boom!" in the not-so-distant future....

At 23 July, 2005 15:05, Blogger Vigilis said...

Alex, remember (1) no two US submarines are ever identical in ALL respects and (2) weapons complements are on the order of Dirty Harry's question about how many shots he had already fired.

That said, here you are: SSNs in the Gulf War acknowledged firing 12 (equals number of vertical tubes). Seawolf class data shows at least 50. But in SSGNs up to seven Tomahawk missiles can fit each of 22 former Trident missile tubes, or alternatively, these tubes can potentially hold UUVs, UAVs, unmanned surface vehicles (USVs), extra equipment for SEAL teams, or other payloads. Each of the 22 available tubes is about the size of a tractor-trailer, so new warfighting uses for this space are limited only by the imagination, according to the Navy.

At 24 July, 2005 01:18, Blogger Alex Nunez said...

I guess the short answer is:

Enough to ruin their day....


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