Saturday, July 30, 2005

al-Qaida Dispatching Followers from Horn of Africa to Europe and the World

Today's AP report by FRANCES D'EMILIO on the London Blast Suspect just captured in Italy, confirms hints dropped in Molten Eagle's July 11th posting.

Osma Hussain aka Hamdi Isaac was arrested Friday in Rome. Italy’s Interior Minister, Giuseppe Pisanu, said the man had contacts with others from the Horn of Africa. Italy was closely watching the Horn of Africa, the eastern section which includes Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea.

"We are following the evolution of the overall situation in the Horn of Africa where, in stateless lands, al-Qaida has arrived, has settled, and from where it tends, in various ways, to dispatch its followers into Europe and the rest of the world," Pisanu said.

A ruthless cell linked to al-Qaida is established in Mogadishu. The cell leader, a Somali militant, had been trained in Afghanistan. Islamic hard-liners, have imported high explosives, mines, rifle-fired grenades, anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons. U.N. monitors identified at least 17 mobile, military training camps established by Al-Ittihad al-Islami, which wants to impose Islamic law over Somalia (and _________ ).

No wonder a submarine has been patrolling nearby waters. What U.S. submarines may be armed with is described in an answer to one commenter's question on July 23rd.


At 30 July, 2005 22:58, Blogger OP said...

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At 30 July, 2005 23:08, Blogger OP said...

It is not very well known ---thanks to an MSM that doesn't cover news they don't have photos or film of --- that the Army has had infantry, civil affairs and special forces troops deployed forward in the Horn of Africa since about the same time the Afghanistan campaign began, but in small numbers owing to the sensitivities of the host countries.

When the history of the second Hundred Years War is written, the US National Command Authority will most likely be faulted for allowing al-Qaeda to stand down and reconstitute in the Horn of Africa before sortieing out to murder Western civilians.

It would have been nice if cruise missles launched from attack boats off the coast had taken out terror training and command targets in Somolia. We have owed the forces of darkness at least that much since the Battle of Mogadeshu, not to mention 9/11.

At 30 July, 2005 23:23, Blogger OP said...

One more thing:

Vigilis, you have a great blog yourself. Its both informative and interesting. Molten Eagle is now one of my must read links.

Thanks for the kind comments about my primitive offering.


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