Friday, October 07, 2005

Wresting America's Control of the Internet

In June the United States stated what many had always feared: that it would retain indefinite control of the internet's foundation - its 'root servers', the basic directory for the whole internet. According to the Guardian Unlimited in Breaking America's grip on the net, Brazil relies on the internet for 90% of its tax collection - the question of who controls the internet could be critical. Suppose the infamouus U.N. Security Council rotated control among its members?

Author of Ruling the Root and expert, Milton Mueller, believes an overseeing council "could interfere with standards. What would stop it saying 'when you're making this standard for data transfer you have to include some kind of surveillance for law enforcement'? China has attracted its own criticism for human rights violations and filtering internet (from Gus Van Horn) content within its borders. Tunisia - host of the World Summit - has also come under attack for silencing online voices.


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