Friday, January 13, 2006

Odd Perspectives on Motive for Shooting State Troopers

One perspective: Ecology
Man fires at hunters, gets probation
CHESNEE -- A 68-year-old war veteran, concerned that two off-duty state troopers might be disturbing rare plankton in a creek bed, pleaded guilty Tuesday to peppering the men with birdshot. Published January 12, 2006, Spartanburg Herald-Journal

Another perspective: Noise
Man pleads guilty to shooting at two off-duty troopers
CHESNEE, S.C. (AP) - A Chesnee man has pleaded guilty to shooting at two off-duty state troopers who were riding four-wheelers near his property last year.
Published Thu, Jan 12, 2006, The Beaufort Gazette

Chesnee is perhaps 300 miles from the Atlantic ocean. Fresh water plankton do exist, however.

Global Warming perspective (No One Has Really Claimed This One, Yet):
WASHINGTON Reuters News Service- The largest ice shelf in the Arctic, a solid feature for 3,000 years, has broken up, scientists in the United States and Canada said on Monday, (reported Sept. 22, 2003). Writing in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, Warwick Vincent's team said all of the fresh water poured out of the 20 mile long Disraeli Fjord. This in turn has affected communities of freshwater ... plankton and algae, said Derek Mueller, a Laval University graduate student who has studied the tiny creatures.


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