Monday, August 07, 2006

Not Paying Attention to Planemos? What Makes You Think You Believe in Global Warming?

This month, a set of 'twin' planemos was discovered some 400 light years distant (like we really care, right?) . Designated Oph 162225-240515 (or Oph 1622), the pair was discovered using the European Southern Observatory New Technology Telescope at La Silla, Chile. A few dozen such objects have been identified in recent years but this is the first planemos pair discovered beyond a solar system.

The pair's existence challenges current theories about the formation of planets and stars, astronomers reported in the journal Science. The two are separated by 22 billion miles (about six times the distance between the Sun and Pluto). Both are young, about a million years old, scientists say.

Oph1622 is also a brown dwarf (a sub-stellar object). Its mass equals about 14 Jupiters, or some one-seventy-fifth that of the Sun.

Instinct tells me scientists should be more open-minded about the popular theory of man-induced climate change. Why? On the scale of long times and large objects, science is probably still in its infancy. Science is accountable for continually testing and refining its latest theories, you knew that, right? Part of the Scientific Method. UPDATE: Many scientists and theorists today argue that concepts of causality are not obligatory to science, but are well-defined only under particular, admittedly widespread conditions. see Causal explanation.

But, more importantly, there must exist a Time-order relationship. The hypothesized causes must precede the observed effects in time. Not so, CO2 increases and global warming.

Planemo is a celestial object of planetary mass -
The term describes celestial bodies larger than asteroids but smaller than nuclear reactive stars. Planemos that orbit stars are commonly referred to as, planets. Planemo is a contraction of "planetary mass object".


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