Wednesday, October 25, 2006

IRAQ: The Mother of All Democrat Tradeoffs

Every field of worthwhile human endeavor involves conscious decisions called Trade-offs.

In dictatorships, such decisions are rarely evident for public review. In theocracies, so much time has passed since the original prophet laid out the prevailing formulae, no one even remembers a trade-off beyond condemnation to HELL.

In the United States alone, a democratic republic, it was once the informal job of a watchful, bipartisan, 4th estate, our press (otherwise known as "the media") to educate voters about trade-offs with major, political repercussions.

Unfortunately, the 4th estate in its modern manifestation has been seduced by the motivations of capitalism to generate interesting news that sells. Educating the populace not only does not sell well, it causes expensive acts of political retribution by a group of trials lawyers known as the Democrat leadership.

Lately, our traditional press has reported "unbearably painful" U.S. military deaths to date in Iraq. The cumulative number for multiple years pales by those of WWII in even a single month. While we regret and honor the death of every U.S. soldier, marine, airman, sailor, and coast guardsman, have you thought about the motivations for those "supreme sacrifices" made by these heroic groups?

The tradeoff in military lives is deceptively simple. The civilian deaths and barbaric terrorist acts we read about daily in Iraq, are not happening in America. What is that? You don't believe such horrific acts could ever happen here? Tell me what prevents it other than daily confrontations by our armed heroes.

When should we be afraid? When red-blooded American patriots no longer volunteer to die for shallow, unpatriotic indecisiveness. Ask yourself: What are John Kerry's trade-offs? Ted Kennedy's, Hillary Clinton's (all lawyers) etc.? ... See what I mean?


At 26 October, 2006 13:12, Blogger Old Gary said...

I am constantly amazed that ANYONE would volunteer for the military nowadays what with the constant media barrage of negative renditions it does so well.

At 26 October, 2006 22:27, Blogger Vigilis said...

Old Gary, thanks for your comment, but the propaganda is much worse than it appears.

In my next posting I give the numbers representing the relative impact of WWII's U.S. military deaths for a population of our current size (300 million). It surprized even me, and I calculated the attributable WWII civilian deaths just for the heck of it.


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