Thursday, October 05, 2006

Of Unknown Records, The Force and Dolphin

Bubblehead at TSSBP recently posted Submariners: Unknown World Record Holders?
He first reminds us: "As all submariners know, whenever we're asked how deep our submarines can go, all we can say is 'in excess of 800 feet'; it becomes very second-nature for us to say this, much the same way that 'in excess of 25 knots"'and 'I can neither confirm nor deny the presence of...' are." Read the full post, linked above, and veiled comments.

Later Bubblehead says,
"Who knows how many other World Records submariners could be recognized for if not for the secrecy surrounding the Force..." [my emphasis].

Is the Force a secret military capability right out of the Star Wars movie? Also, what's this: 1500 feet operating depth, >3000 feet (915 meters) test? (see Depth -USS Dolphin AGSS-555). More on the Force and the Dolphin in a minute. First, back to Bubblehead's theme of submariners' Unknown World Records.

This was first recorded as an LP record by a submariner. Is Tommy Cox the world's only submarine recording artist? Some of you know. Please inform the rest of us. Listen to some of Tommy Cox's sound clips here. End of submariner world records question. ( Chapomatic takes a deep breath ).

Now, more about the Force. Toward the end of its record-shattering service record, the submarine USS Dolphin (AGSS-555) conducted experiments connected with evaluation of a possible "fifth force of nature" while deeply submerged. May the Force be with you, submariners.


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