Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dispelling More and Less than Meets the Eye

A US nuclear submarine arrived in Gibraltar for what is believed to be a "recreational visit" to the Rock. M.E. Comment: Join the silent service for exotic recreation during time of war? - A very doubtful, but familiar cover story. That is not to say submariners do not deserve and partake recreation when actually available.

Details of its origins and name have as yet not been disclosed. The submarine [is] berthed at the Z-berths in the south mole. M.E. Comment: Submarines are stealth platforms. Details of their travels and operations are very rarely revealed. I added this article's suggested hull numbers to the submarine's photo as an aid to identity. Even so, who really knows which sub is there?

From Arrival of United States Nuclear Submarine on Gibraltar upsets local ecologists again:
The USS San Juan is said to have collided with another submarine last March, after which it was considered lost for some 12 hours. M.E. Comment: This deserves no serious comment; instead, I added the submarine version of a car finder to a mast in the photo.

From US nuclear submarine in Gibraltar:
Its presence is also, claim maritime observers, likely to cause some concerns in relation to the plan to extract fuel from the stricken cargo ship New Flame within port waters. Original plans made public last week by Minister Joe Holliday had indicated that the vessel might be pulled into the South Mole once made safe, where the fuel would be extracted. The presence of a nuclear submarine [‘these floating bombs’] in the area would add further security risks which would need to be assessed if such plans were to go ahead. M.E. Comment: The description 'floating bombs' equates dedicated submarine volunteers with feeble-minded, Islamist suicide bombers. Such slanderous drivel deserves no serious comment.

Remember, submarines are always silent and strange.



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