Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Quote of the Week: Nuclear Power Risk and Your Pants

When Ralph Nader described plutonium as "the most toxic substance known to mankind", Bernard Leonard Cohen, a tenured professor of Physics, offered to consume on camera as much plutonium oxide as Nader could consume caffeine, the stimulant in coffee and other beverages. In pure form, caffeine has a lethal dose 50 percent kill (LD50) of 13-19 grams for average sized adults (reference MSDS section 11).

Here then, is our quotation for this week:

The genetic risks of nuclear power are equivalent to delaying parenthood by 2.5 days, or of men wearing pants an extra 8 hours per year. - Bernard L. Cohen, Sc.D. Professor, University of Pittsburgh

Professor Cohen's RISKS OF NUCLEAR POWER is enlightening and may be read here in its 13 paragraph entirety.
CAUTION: Anti-nuclear activists with closed minds will not enjoy Cohen's rational treatment of radiation risks and opportunities, until they manage to attain adult minds.



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