Friday, October 03, 2008

Submarine Mystery Question

Yesterday, we posted Nonexistent U.S. Submarine Makes the History Channel. The author of the highlighted book is now an M.D. When he wrote the book, and to this day, the Navy will not allow him to identify the submarine he wrote of by its real name.

Roger C. Dunham instead refers to the submarine as USS Viperfish (SSN-655).

Questions of the Week (answers are certainly available without reading the book or watching the video in the post linked above, but you are probably going to regret passing them if you have time):

1- Was the hull number 655 ever assigned to a real nuclear sub, and if so, which one?

2- Photos of a real submarine are shown in Dunham's book identified as a Regulus missile firing sub, USS Viperfish. Assuming the Viperfish photos resemble Regulus missile subs, how many were there and what were their names?

3- Dunham claimed he was a reactor operator on board the Regulus sub. How many of the subs identified in the answer to number 2, if any, required ROs?

4- In which ocean did Regulus subs patrol?

5- BONUS QUESTION - Among various naval officers and other people the author acknowledges by name is one Sue Lemmon. What was her capacity or general connection to the book?

Answers: Monday

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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