Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Congressional Lottery 5 - Is Your Representative Among the Four Lucky Winners?

As promised, we have drawn four names of representatives selected by random lottery to submit voluntarily to legislation of their own making (H.R. 3200). If this week's representatives feel this puts them on the spot, good! We feel they have some explaining to do to those of whom they pretend to represent.

The winners of this week's lottery drawing shown above are. Here are their names and a few statistics:

17 Barbara Lee............CA-09, Lawyer -No; Veteran- No; Party-Dem
18 Steve Austria ........OH-07, Lawyer -No; Veteran- No; Party-Rep
19 Michael Conaway...TX-11, Lawyer -No; Veteran-Yes; Party-Rep
20 Jean Schmidt.........OH-10, Lawyer -No; Veteran- No; Party-Rep

If one of the above is your representative, you may want to acquaint him/her with their random selection to opt out of FEHBP and ask them why he/she has not committed to actually representing their constituents by voluntarily subjecting themselves and their families to the terms of HR 3200.

Please feel free to apprise the rest of us, if you ever receive an answer from YOUR elected representative (Most of you will not).

Yet, we are starting to see some results.



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