Thursday, October 08, 2009

Female Submarine Assignments

This must be brief.

Watch the 8-minute video of SECNAV Mabus; this is all I have to say, but you may refer to the accuracy of my prior predictions:

Mabus, a non-submariner lawyer, insulted almost all former Navy vets (with his allusion to the superior patriotism and abilities of today's sailors, including the gratuitous: "we never left port without leaving a couple of guys behind in jail").

If some idiot believes the surface sailors of prior eras were comparatively lacking, how would this be applicable to a unique, volunteer submarine service?

I confidently make two predictions, if Mabus overrides the wisdom of actual submarine flags:

1) Rather than bolster the volunteerism of male officers, the long-term effect will be to diminish recruitment rates of officers and enlisted alike (CF- Australia's R.A.N. experience).

2) "Normalizing" an elite service to satisfy a liberal fantasy agenda is wreckless folly that will only result in degraded readiness of a world-class U.S. military organization. You will know this by the time a female is assigned to the 3rd boat. (By the way USS Rhode Island appears destined to be the first permanent assignment - look it up). Still Atlantic based? - Hmmm!

Submarines are always silent and strange.



At 09 October, 2009 11:17, Blogger Subvet said...

What commissioned officer or senior enlisted man in their right mind would place themselves in an enviornment so rich for allegations of sexual harassment?

At 11 October, 2009 12:15, Blogger reddog said...

I think it will be great to have girls on Subs.

I've had sex with female co workers all my life and never had a sexual harassment complaint. A couple of people said I was a homophobe and religious people don't like me much but I'm down with women on subs. Ya can't get along with everyone.

They never should have got rid of the laundresses on Subs. WWII vets have told me about that. It was a great idea. Probably ended when the boatschoolers invaded the force. They're all Gay and everyone knows they do each others laundry. Everything is straight about me but my seams.


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