Monday, March 22, 2010

Tatoo Implications of Never-Ending Military Diversity Goals

The U.S. military and British Armed Forces share longstanding histories of tattooing. At the same time, conspicuous tattoos, body piercings and radical hair styles may sill block gainful employment in some lines of work, including the military.
When military diversity goals have been prioritized for all genders and certain orientations, how far behind can BM (body modification) recruiting really be among those otherwise qualified to serve in equal opportunity militaries?
What makes anyone believe the clean-shaven person above would be any more difficult to supervise than contemporaries? Prison record? Addict? Gang member? High school dropout? Not fluent in English? Cannot swim? Unwilling to volunteer for military service?
Guess again. Legally, the person pictured is entitled to every right you would have, although a career in Surface Warfare linehandling seems more appropriate than submarines. (WARNING: Could this really be an undercover NCIS agent in disguise?)
Diversity goals have evolved to a point where the real question becomes when, not if, the Navy sees such shipmates. Can you imagine?
.................Tatoos for Mothers and Fathers Day
While we are on the topic of tatoos, will you be retiring soon? No, then perhaps you have been wondering about gifts for your parents, even those now in retirement homes. For anyone who’s still "cool", here’s a set of non-permanent transfer tattoos guaranteed to get stares from Arizona to Florida, and any retirement community in-between. From The Spoon Sisters, Inc. (Hat tip: bookofjoe).

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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