Thursday, June 06, 2013

Far-fetched Submarine Redux


The above Juan Caruso cartoon (from 2008) portrayed one result of unthinkable confusion between the U.K. monetary unit, British pounds (sterling) and the weight of submarine ballast. Currently, an Ebay dealer in London undrescores the reality of such confusion in an equally dramatic error for a used, submarine-related item: The true book about submarines, by Gilbert Hackforth-Jones, Weight : 1.7401 pounds.  (June 20, 2010)

Current Update 
AP - (June 6, 2013)  HARTFORD, Conn. – A new, Spanish-designed submarine has a weighty problem: The vessel is more than 70 tons too heavy, and officials fear if it goes out to sea, it will not be able to surface. And a former Spanish official says the problem can be traced to a miscalculation – someone apparently put a decimal point in the wrong place. The Defense Ministry said technical problems are normal for projects of this scale.

The Real Scoop 
Molten Eagle - (May 03, 2013Delivery of the first submarine was originally scheduled for October 2011. Delivery was later modified to October 2013.  An ensuing budget crisis in 2011 further postponed delivery of the first boat, S-81 Isaac Peral until hopefully, 2016.

Submarines are always silent and strange.


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