Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Submarine Encryption (Chirping) Connection MH370

Readers familiar with the ongoing saga of the missing flight MH 370 may have found the video interview in which the pinger manufacturer demonstrates the 37.5 kh frequency, which sounds to most humans not unlike periodic chirps

 In 2007 M.E. described a secretive submarine JC3I (joint command, control, communication and intelligence) capability called DeepSiren.  In 2012, The Telegraph in its article "Deep Siren messaging system helps submarines communicate under the ice" noted [emphasis mine] "The signal sounded like crickets chirping, but the encoded message transmitted from the camp above the frozen Arctic Ocean was music to the ears of the USS New Hampshire submarine crew."

The two chirping sounds are clearly only a coincidence. M.E.'s 2007 links to Raytheon's DeepSiren have all become "PAGE NOT FOUND".

Military secrecy (encryption) and mystery (vanishing links) addicts will relish what is best told in two pictures (below):

So, the MH 370 mystery has now expanded to include secretive ENCRYPTION.  What may we suppose is a reasonable EXPLANATION for it?  As we said earlier, it could still be the Laptop.

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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